People’s Choice: Signature Searches

Unique eats worth searching for

Time Out and Google have hunted down four truly one-of-a-kind dishes from all across Melbourne that no food fan will want to miss.

Vote for your favourite and you and a friend could be dining for free at all four venues – and attending the Time Out Food Awards as our guest. Voting closes Friday August 30 and the leaderboard will go dark Friday August 23 (so as to not spoil the result).

Be sure to try these unique eats worth searching for and tag #foundongoogle to share your review.



Roti with vegemite curry and curry oil at Sunda

Campfire Chocolate at Mörk Melbourne

Schnitty Bao at Mr Miyagi

Pixel Avocado on Sourdough Toast at Light Years Café

It's the final week of voting so we've hidden the leaderboard so as to not spoil the result.  All winners will be announced Sunday March 10 at the 2019 Time Out Bar Awards.  Get your tickets below.